Marrakech has always been on your travel list? That’s good, we made a list of 7 good reasons to visit Marrakech the magical red city.

On its own, it concentrates riches that you will not find anywhere else: the medina and its traditional riads, but also breathtaking landscapes.

visit Marrakech, the most welcoming city

if visit Marrakech, a majority of people are fluent in French and English. So you won’t have to learn sign language to make yourself understood!

Thus, the warm hospitality of Moroccans is waiting for you: conviviality is an integral part of their way of life so do not be surprised if you are invited to share a meal when you only came for your shopping.

7 good reasons to visit Marrakech

Marrakech: a perfectly located city

It’s simple: Marrakech is located in southern Morocco between the Atlas Mountains, the Atlantic Ocean and the Sahara Desert.

You can therefore enjoy both the beach and the mountains to practice all the activities you like: scuba diving, surfing, hiking, motocross, horseback riding, rafting, climbing and even skiing if you go in winter.

2 good reasons to visit Marrakech

Marrakech: a Mediterranean climate

Marrakech is nicknamed “The Pearl of the South” and it’s not for nothing! Its climate allows travelers to never suffer from high temperatures, all year round.

Marrakech: an oasis of flavors

3 good reasons to visit Marrakech

The cuisine is renowned throughout the world: discover traditional recipes where vegetables and meat promise you a tasteful marriage.

Without forgetting the famous oriental pastries with mint tea. Go to the heart of the medina to discover all the flavors of Marrakech.

visit Marrakech : a culture of the incredible variety

If you go to visit Marrakech, you will have the chance to discover the history of a city that has been built for thousands of years.

As you walk through the red city, the architecture of the old houses will take you back in time. Discover all the districts of Marrakech: the Jewish quarter, the Agdal gardens, or the Jemaa el-Fna square.

visit Marrakech to get a Moroccan hammam

Every Moroccan neighborhood contains a mosque, a communal oven, and a hammam, demonstrating the hammam’s importance in Moroccan culture.

Locals bring their own buckets and beauty goods to public hammams and spend hours in the steam rooms giving themselves a deep clean.

You could be better off in a private hammam when you visit Marrakech, where you’ll have a room to yourself, unless you have a plastic bucket ready.

The gist is the same: you’ll be massaged with Moroccan black soap and scrubbed from head to toe with a hard bath mitt — no hyperbole here.

6 good reasons to visit Marrakech

Marrakech: the joy of living

You could admire all the architectural richness of the Medina by visiting one of its many riads, small oriental palaces organized around a central patio, or even recharge your batteries at the Menara, a vast garden with a pond from the start.

Bassinville. Because, Marrakech leaves the choice to its visitors by drawing on its incredible diversity. You just have to leave the ramparts to be immersed in contemporary Morocco.

The districts of Guéliz and Hivernage offer the most modern infrastructures, luxury boutiques and international ready-to-wear as well as wide aerial avenues; all in respect of the stamp specific to Marrakech.

visit Marrakech

Moroccan life reaches out to you: get lost in the streets of the city and meet merchants and passers-by. The various souks of Marrakech are famous for offering traditional marvels for sale, so visit  Marrakech!!

Marrakech: a festive city

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Boredom does not exist in Marrakech!  There is always something going on in the city: between the bars, the theaters, or the shows, the evenings will not be monotonous.

Remember to look at the dates of the events to live the evening of your dreams in Marrakech.

The medina, which comes from the Arabic term “city,” is the beating heart of Marrakech.

The old city was founded in the 11th century and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its maze of winding alleys and passageways is best explored with an adventurous spirit and a willingness to get lost.

As you meander through its markets and squares and explore its riads, your bravery will be rewarded with a nearly infinite feast for the senses.

If someone offers to show you the route, politely decline unless you’re willing to pay for a tour.

visit Marrakech to see The Koutoubia Mosque
Koutoubia Mosque

The Koutoubia Mosque’s high minaret has become a symbol of Marrakech. The mosque’s exterior is made of red bricks and sandstone and has several artistic elements.

The mosque’s appealing features include turquoise tiling, plasterwork, calligraphy, arches, and fountains.

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