8 important Britney Spears Wedding latest details!!


Check 8 amazing Britney Spears Wedding latest details!! Britney, 40, didn’t invite Lynne (67), or her father, Jamie Spears, to her nuptials on Thursday. This was after their fallout over the controversial conservatorship.

It ended in November 2021, almost 14 years. Jamie Lynn Spears (the sister of the “Toxic” singer) was not invited, but Bryan Spears, her brother, was. However, Bryan did not show up.

Asghari had many family members present to witness him exchange vows and Britney with his three sisters. Among those present were celebrities such as Madonna and Paris Hilton, who designed Britney’s wedding dress.

Britney Spears’ Mom reaction to Britney Spears wedding after not receiving an invitation

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Britney Spears’ Mom weighs on Britney Spears wedding to Sam Asghari … even though she didn’t score an invitation to the affair.

Lynne Spears is keeping a close eye on Britney’s social media, as she left a comment on her Friday IG post about the “fairytale” ceremony. Lynne said, “You look radiant and so happy!”

Britney Spears Wedding latest details !!

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T.M.Z. Has broken the story regarding Britney’s wedding latest details … when Brit and Sam decided to tie the knot last week at their Thousand Oaks, CA home, Britney’s mother, father, and sister, Jamie Lynn, were all left off the guest list.

Still, mama Spears gushed in her comment, “Your wedding is the ‘Dream’ wedding! And having it at your home makes it so sentimental and special!” Lynne added. “I am very happy for you! I love you!”

The only family member who was invited “Bryan Spears” to Britney Spears Wedding

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The only family member invited to Britney Spear wedding was her brother Bryan, and although we saw him all dressed up with his date hours before the wedding … he ended up no-showing.

Britney has been on the run with her siblings and parents since last year’s heated battle to end conservatorship.

Britney has threatened to sue them all — Mathew Rosengart her attorney is trying to get Jamie Spears to take a deposition.

Britney wouldn’t be happy about the reaction of her mother to her wedding, given this backdrop.

If you are a glass-half full person, it could be seen as an olive branch. Britney accepting it? That’s another “Oprah.”

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari share their wedding at home in Los Angeles

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Jeffrey Best, a celebrity event producer from Best Events, helped Britney Spear wedding. Britney told Vogue that she wanted to share this moment with her family and friends.

“We wanted warm, feminine colors, including blush, white cream, gold, and many different shades of pinks and blushes.”

At Britney Spears wedding, Marks Garden flowers were used and looked great. They were able to pull the tales from the pages. The bride wore a Versace custom Versace gown that was sleek and off-the-shoulder.

It had a leg-revealing slit on one side and a classic white veil with satin edges.

Plan For the Wedding

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In Britney Spear wedding, she looked stunning in Versace’s tuxedo by Sam. Charlotte and Sofia Tilbury worked together to create the bride’s natural beauty look.

“I was honored and thrilled to have been asked to design Britney’s bridal beauty look!” Charlotte says. “Britney, an icon of our times, has inspired and empowered all with her joyous energy and positive energy.

Her natural beauty is amazing, and her beautiful, big, brown eyes are stunning. Sofia, Tilbury’s niece, was present on the Day to bring her to look to Life.

The jewelry that the bride wore to walk down the aisle only added to her glow. At Britney Spears wedding, the pieces weighed in at 62 Carats. They were all made by Stephanie Gottlieb, a jeweler.

Her look: Pear-shaped earrings and a round diamond. White gold tennis necklace with a heart-shaped diamond. A tennis bracelet with oval diamonds.

Couples Wedding Bands

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For Britney Spears wedding, Stephanie also created the wedding bands for the couple. Britney chose two beautiful bands to go with her engagement ring, and Sam selected two platinum bands.

Stephanie explained to Vogue, “We knew Britney’s gown had a classic silhouette and an open neckline. So we created timeless pieces that would compliment the style.

We selected pieces that Britney felt most comfortable wearing. A carriage suitable for Princess of Pop was pulled by a white horse and gold hooves outside the couple’s home.

Superstars At the Wedding !!! Madonna, Selena Gomez, and Drew Barrymore and more …

Britney Spear wedding took place in a tent covered with velvet blush. Madonna, Selena Gomez, and Drew Barrymore were among the guests. Carter Reum, Paris Hilton, and Carter Reum were also present.

Kathy Hilton, Maria Menounos, and Ansel Elgort were also there. It was time to celebrate after the ceremony. Britney changed into three additional looks at the party.

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Paris Hilton has stated that she declined a DJ gig for President Joe Biden in order to attend the wedding of her longtime friend Britney Spears

Paris Hilton revealed on Friday that she declined to DJ for US President to attend her friend Britney Spears wedding. After the surprise wedding on Thursday, the 41-year-old heiress delivered a hastily recorded short update to her podcast This Is Paris.

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Aside from providing few information about the event she declined, Paris hinted that she had been asked to sing at Joe Biden’s Summit of the Americas, which brought together leaders In L.a., not that far from Britney’s wedding, guests from North, Central, and South America gathered.

8. Versace touch at Britney Spears wedding

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Versace provided three more looks for Britney Spears wedding: a black mini dress, followed by a two-toned look, and finally, a red mini dress. Contemporary Catering made the couple’s citrus bloom cake, and DJ Albert provided the music.

Although they didn’t get to dance together, Selena Gomez & Madonna danced with them on “Toxic,” followed by Paris and Britney singing the song “Stars Are Blind.”

The newlyweds left in a Rolls Royce at 10.15 PM Guests surrounded the car with sparklers as they drove off.

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