3 reasons why Will Smith and Chris Rock are Making amazing Peace

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Regarding Will Smith and Chris Rock incident, Chris finally broke his silence, days after it was revealed that he and fellow comedian Dave Chappelle would be uniting for a joint show in London later this year. Chris Rock shared a post featuring the poster of his and Dave Chapelle’s upcoming show. Chris, who earlier this year was struck on stage at the Oscars by Will Smith, was inundated with messages of support from friends and fans. Fellow comedian Ali Wong shared a praising emoji, whilst Busta Rhymes shared several heads blown emojis. Embed from Getty Images

Chris and Dave’s announcement

One couldn’t help but joke: “Gonna need the avengers to guard this stage.” At the Oscars in March, Chris was slapped across the face by Will after he made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s shaved head, seemingly unaware that she suffers from alopecia. In May, Dave was performing as part of the Netflix Is A Joke Festival at The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles when he was “tackled” by a man who rushed onto the stage. Chris and Dave’s announcement comes after each joked about their altercations during an appearance at The Comedy Store in West Hollywood. During Dave’s performance, he reportedly told Chris: “At least you got smacked ON the face by someone famous. I got smacked before by a homeless guy with leaves in his hair.” Chris reportedly laughed and referred to Will as “soft”. Will’s wife, Jada, finally addressed the incident during a recent episode of her Red Table Talk series to talk about will smith and chris rock. The actress had briefly acknowledged the slap shortly after the Academy Awards, revealing to fans her family’s plans of healing. But last week, she finally spoke about the moment, telling viewers: “Regarding the Academy Awards. My greatest want is for these two clever, capable guys to be able to heal, talk things over, and reconcile.”
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Will Smith, his wife Jada Pinkett, and Chris Rock.

Before that incident between will smith and Chris rock, Rock appeared in the second season finale of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, in which he was a part of Smith. Following the ceremony, a few media outlets recalled his previous comments regarding Jada Pinkett Smith, his wife. He replied about his wife’s involvement at the Million Woman March in a meeting on his talk show late at night. The Chris Rock Show and the couple appeared to be in a mutually beneficial relationship. Rock has hosted the ceremony twice, most recently in 2016, where a variety of stars (including Pinkett Smith) boycotted because of the absence of nominees from the African-American community. Rock made a joke in his first monologue: “Jada boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting Rihanna’s panties. I wasn’t invited.” In 2018, Pinkett Smith revealed that she was losing hair, possibly because of stress, during her show Red Table Talk.

Rock makes a snide remark about Pinkett Smith

Rock took the stage more than two hours into the Oscars to present Best Documentary. Rock, true to tradition as a stand-up comedian, began hurling unscripted jabs into the audience. Rock switched his focus to Jada Pinkett Smith after making jokes about Denzel Washington and Javier Bardem, stating he was looking forward to seeing her in G.I. Jane II. Pinkett Smith wore her hair in a buzzcut similar to Demi Moore’s character in the 1997 film G.I. Jane. After Rock’s quip, Pinkett Smith rolled her eyes, while Smith was seen laughing. The Oscars telecast was then silenced for a brief moment as Smith, who was seated in the front row, stepped onstage and smacked Rock in the face. The sound of the famous Will Smith and Chris Rock slap, as well as the exchange that followed, were broadcast in Japan and other countries: “Will Smith just smacked the sh-t out of me,” remarked a surprised Rock. “Keep my wife’s name out of your f-cking lips,” Smith said, repeating the sentence.

Will Smith and Chris Rock

It was discovered that she was suffering from Alopecia, an autoimmune disorder, and in July 2021, she began to shave her head completely. On February 8th 2022, it was revealed that Will Smith had been nominated for an Academy Award for acting in the film King Richard. In March of 2022, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced Rock as one of the presenters for the Academy’s 94th Awards. Incident [editof the day Rock revealed the winners for Best Documentary Feature at the 94th Academy Awards, where he gave a humorous monologue, which mainly was read from the Teleprompter script. Rock made fun of a couple, husband and wife Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz, both of whom were previous Oscar winners with similar nominations during the ceremony.

Will Smith and Chris Rock : what’s next ?

Smith and Pinkett Smith sat together close to the centre of the stage. Rock made an ad-libbed quip about Pinkett Smith’s head shaved in a nod to Demi Moore’s dramatic appearance on the screen in 1997’s film G.I. Jane. Check Christina Aguilera’s Latest Event Read more
will smith and chris rock

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