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With Arcane now an Emmy Award-winning series thanks to its incredibly unique and well-executed adaptation of some of the lore surrounding League of Legends, it remains the benchmark by which all others are measured. The series lovingly brought to life champions from the game, and it’s no surprise fans want to see their own favorites get the same treatment.

With some future appearances heavily hinted at, fans think characters like Warwick and Camille may be shoo-ins, but they also have their fingers crossed that less obvious choices like Ziggs, Seraphine, and even the recently-released Renata Glasc could make their debut in season 2.


Renata Glasc

Known as the “The Chem-Baroness,” Renata Glasc’s potential connection to Arcane was immediately obvious to fans when she was released relatively suddenly in February of this year. A self-made woman who rose to become a powerful figure in Zaun, all of Renata’s abilities are infused with Chemtech, the grubby alternative to hextech.

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Redditor Trophy_Hunter71 comments that they’d “love to see Renata Glasc as she’s a great villain.” Arcane has done a great job of giving its antagonists a complexity that explains their evil actions, and it’s hard to imagine that a character whose power is manipulating people to work for her would be any different. The only problem may be time, as Arcane’s season 2 was already in production when Renata was released.


Zac’s goofy visual style and even goofier gameplay — that typically involves using his blobby amorphous nature to bounce enemies around whilst doing damage to them — might be hard to merge seamlessly with Arcane‘s atmosphere. But it would please plenty of fans with an affinity for the League of Legends character if they could pull it off.

One of those fans is Redditor GigaNoodle, who says the champion they want to see in season 2 is “Zac all day, that gooey dude is the best and I really want to see him and Ekko interact.” Along with his likable personality, Zac is the result of a chemical spill deep in the heart of Zaun, meaning he has an obvious stake in the Chemtech/Hextech conflict playing out in the twin cities.


With her almost-angelic aesthetic, her use of wind magic, and her positive, caring voice lines, Janna doesn’t seem like the most obvious choice for Arcane. However, Redditor dkillz54 argues that she should be included because “her lore position in Zaun is really cool.”

Janna’s status as a kind and mysterious wind spirit allows her to appear throughout different periods and ages in League of Legends lore, but she has a special connection with the downtrodden people of Zaun, for whom she is a caring spirit. Her ethereal nature might seem at odds with the elements that make Arcane a great sci-fi show, but it’s obvious that Arcane‘s Zaunites could do with a guardian spirit.


In a way, Orianna’s story has parallels with Viktor’s as she likewise was once an ordinary human before her failing body was replaced piece by piece until she became the fully clockwork being seen in the game. Eagle-eyed viewers noticed that Singed appeared to be holding a photo of the girl in human form in Arcane, opening the door for her appearance.

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Redditor Toksy4 is one fan who’s happy with this development as they don’t like that the unique champion has been “practically forgotten” and want her to have lore beyond just being “a robot with a ball.” Whilst that defines her gameplay, there’s so much potential for a character with such an interesting cyborg nature, and it’s one that Arcane could really make good use of.


Although it was a small detail that could easily have gone unnoticed by a less attentive viewer, League of Legends fans were excited that the aggressive and often warlike nation of Noxus got a mention in Arcane through Mel’s mother. If Noxus were to feature in season 2, then it unlocks a whole new set of fan-favorite champions that could potentially be featured.

Redditor Anchiros-The-Maw is one of many users that think the nation’s ruler and one of League’s most antagonistic champions, Jericho Swain, would be the best candidate. They commented that Swain’s interest in “trade and alliances” between nations could make him an “interesting pick.” As an enemy of the Medardas, Swain could easily become an ever-threatening background figure if not a villain outright.


Heimerdinger isn’t the only Yordle from League of Legends whose lore places them in or around Zaun and Piltover, and the explosives expert Ziggs would arguably be the perfect fit for the chaotic world of Arcane. More importantly, Ziggs’ backstory makes him a friend of Jinx, thanks to their shared love of specially-engineered violence.

That’s why Redditors like Top1Physiqz want to see him introduced as they think Jinx “deserves a friend by her side.” With the death of Silco and her ongoing estrangement from her sister, Jinx was left an isolated figure at the end of season 1. An ally like Ziggs could do a lot to unlock her fun side.


Considered one of the more likely candidates to appear in Arcane in the future, players will be familiar with Urgot’s terrifying appearance, voice lines, and oppressive play style if not his dark lore. Despite being a former Noxian statesman, Urgot was betrayed and left to rot in Zaun where he found his new form.

Redditor CoffeeBoom wants to see how he might fit into Arcane‘s story as they think he’s “one of the characters that could redeem Jinx” by becoming a deadly villain that threatens all of Zaun and Piltover. The League of Legends cinematic “Warriors” from 2020 showed Vi and Caitlyn in conflict with Urgot, so there is plenty of precedent for such a scenario.


Whilst her lore currently places her a lot further in the future than the events of Arcane, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to ignore that and take advantage of one of the most iconic champions from Piltover in the form of Camille, a ruthless noblewoman with a body augmented by hextech.

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Redditor itsclowneryyourhonor points out that Arcane “hinted at her existence” by namechecking the Clan Ferros from which she originates and adds that, to mirror Silco in season 1, it would be “a good time to get an antagonist from Piltover.” All is not well in the upper echelons of the city in Arcane, and Camille could make for the prime example of what happens when hextech ends up in the wrong hands.


One of the things that made Arcane stand out as one of the best-ever video game adaptations is the way it crafted characters like Vander, who are flawed but sympathetic at the same time. Though he appeared to meet his demise in season 1, a popular fan theory suggests he will return as the chemtech-powered beast Warwick.

Redditor AxeLanX is sure the rage-fueled result of twisted chemical experiments will appear in season 2 and says they “really want to see how they’ve done his model.” If it is indeed Vander, it will be interesting to see if they stick with his overgrown appearance when pumped up on Shimmer in season 1 or transform him to be more wolf-like like Warwick’s in-game model.


Seraphine is a controversial champion with the many criticisms surrounding her release in 2020, including her poppy visual style, the fact her gameplay kit was very similar to an existing champ, and that her lore seemed half-baked. Redditor Darth_Annoying knows that not everyone would be happy to see her in Arcane but insists they have a good reason for wanting to see her in the show.

They comment that “seeing the great job the Arcane crew did fleshing out the stories of Jinx and Vi, […] I’d love to have them take a rack at fixing Sera’s story.” Though her backstory mentions that she had Zaunite parents, it largely focuses on her relationship with music and how she uses it to bring people together. It’s unlikely to remain such a bright, optimistic tale if she is one of the characters fleshed out in the show.

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