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Another great year is almost over. Between wrapping up 2021 with quiet holiday gatherings at home and enjoying champagne toasts at the house, the mind wanders.

To summer 2022. To the possible trips that we might finally have. Whether it’s to visit the Scottish countryside in a luxurious train that would suit a king or take in the same New Mexico landscape that Georgia O’Keeffe loved for many years.

We love returning to our old haunts with a new perspective and peace of heart. Or to the new luxury hotels ready to offer us exceptional hospitality and luxurious accommodations.

We can still dream and tentatively plan for the future.

Below are the 10 top destinations selected for summer 2022

Abruzzo, Italy

The beautiful city Abruzzo in Italy summer 2022

Abruzzo is a quieter area that offers plenty of recreational activities and a rich regional culture deeply rooted in literature, music, and gastronomy.

Here we find the land that is rich in natural beauty, including hidden natural gems, mountains, beaches, natural treasures, charming villages, and breathtaking views.

It also offers the best wines and agricultural products.

The stunning landscapes of Abruzzi, thanks to their unique geographic location, will captivate everyone who visits. There is something for everyone. and for every taste.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria’s capital

Imagine summer 2022 in Vienna, Austria’s capital city. It is renowned for its architecture, history, and beauty. It’s a city that is easy to navigate by foot or public transport.

The Hofburg is a great place to relax and admire the magnificent former Habsburg imperial palace.

You can wander the streets of the city, exploring the amazing architecture. You’ll find a positive vibe beneath the surface, especially during the summer, when there are many outdoor food stalls and bars popping up.

Let yourself be carried away in the evening by the atmosphere at one of these bars, or go to an opera or concert of classical music.

Murcia, Spain

bridge over Segura river summer 2022 Murcia
Old bridge over Segura river in evening. Murcia, Spain

Called the garden of Spain, Murcia is located in the sunny southeast, With pretty cafes, Roman ruins and fine Spanish restaurants, there’s plenty to enjoy, wine tastings in the vineyards.

For instance, as well as mud and thermal baths. Murcia isn’t a tourist hotspot so expect an authentic, memorable Spanish experiencefor summer 2022.  

Rome, Italy

The Colosseum amphitheatre
A breathtaking shot of the Colosseum amphitheater located in Rome, Italy

Rome, the capital of one of the greatest empires of history. The Eternal City is a wonderful place to visit on summer 2022 with its magnificent monuments and architecture, amazing works of art, small-town charm, and world-class food.

You can stroll through the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, immerse yourself in the ancient empire, or rent a Vespa to head to the seat of the papacy.

Málaga, Spain

Málaga andalousia, Spain

Malaga is a city that perfectly embodies Spain’s traditions. Malaga is a must-see in summer 2022, for its medieval architecture, winding small alleyways, and amazing food culture.

Some of Spain’s most impressive castles, monuments, and museums may be found in Malaga. For example, the Alcazaba Castle, which dominates the city and is a must-see attraction, is a magnificent example of 11th-century Moorish architecture.

Thanks to its proximity to the coast, Malaga can also boast some of the best seafood in Spain.

Bologna, Italy

Bologna in italy

When you arrive in Bologna, it’s easy to imagine yourself in the Middle Ages. Bologna is recognized as the culinary hub of northern Italy and is fittingly termed “la grassa” (the fat one) if you’re searching for a cheap, flavor-packed vacation. Bologna is still known as Italy’s largest and best-preserved old center.

Spend summer 2022 in Bologna’s medieval architecture by stopping in Piazza Maggiore and visiting the Basilica of San Petronio.

Marrakech, Morocco

Sahat al-fna in marrakech, the red city of morocco

A sparkling and eternally sunny city with multiple riches, A city that is always lively, colorful, rich in culture and traditions, with landscapes of exceptional beauty, and lush gardens.

It’s impossible not to fall in love with the city of Marrakech, the red city, the pearl of the South. It contains a multitude of places that plunge the visitor into a unique universe.

If you are considering Marrakech, check out 7 good reasons to visit the red city of Marrakech.

Mérida, Mexico

merida city in south mexico

Mérida nicknamed “the white city”, capital of the state of Yucatán is located in the northwest of the eponymous peninsula. The city seduces visitors with its cosmopolitan atmosphere, its human size, and the tranquility that reigns there.

Indeed, the capital of Yucatan is renowned for its safe streets and peaceful atmosphere.

Enjoy summer 2022 far from the bustle and overcrowding of the beaches of Cancún and Playa del Carmen, Mérida is a choice stopover in the discovery of southern Mexico.

A fascinating city with many facets, it is also ideally located as a starting point for visiting Mayan sites such as Chichén Itz.

Athens, Greece

Athens by night

Discover one of the oldest and most dynamic cities in the world. Explore the Acropolis, enjoy a traditional Greek coffee in Plaka, and browse the market stalls in Monastiraki.

In Summer 2022 Athens, could be a great place to spend a brief vacation. You will find yourself in a vibrant city with rich history and culture.

Prague, Czech

Prague Castle District Lit Up at Night

Discover Prague, the bohemian capital of the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic’s capital, from the Charles Bridge to the Royal Castle, is the ideal location for a romantic getaway.

Prague, a tiny jewel of Eastern Europe, is a place where you may experience a complete change of landscape.

Embed from Getty Images

Make the exception for summer 2022 and forget the automobile and explore the lovely city on foot or by boat, where it is so pleasant to promenade. Prague is the ideal city for a day trip or a longer stay, and it will not disappoint!

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